Ageless Beauty Spa


6710 Jamestown Drive, Alpharetta GA 30005

Facial & Body Skin Treatments
Esthetics Services

Cleanse and pamper yourself at Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa and Ageless Beauty Spa, with two of the top Estheticians in Atlanta.

Escape from life’s stresses with our tranquil spa environment, where inner and outer beauty meet!

Spa treatments include:

Aromatherapy scents in each therapy room enhance your spa experience.

Atlanta Colonic & Massage located in Alpharetta, Georgia is one of a kind, family owned spa and is your one stop shop for a tranquil yet rejuvenating get-a-way. As a client you will discover new found energy, glowing skin, and a sense of well-being you haven’t felt in years.

We look forward to pampering you in our beautiful, natural surroundings which reflect a calm reflective environment.

After your treatment, shop our wellness and beauty products and let us customize your health and wellness and beauty possibilities.

Women laughing together

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