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Aches? Pains? Swelling? Excess Weight? Bloating? Fatigue? Body feels like an alien has taken over? Know it’s time for real, consistent self-care that works?

Reclaim your body and tame inflammation with our 21-day guided
functional nutrition and lifestyle program. Simple and doable so you experience real, fabulous results.


Initial Month | $99

Follow Up Months | $29




AIR: Reset Anti-Inflammatory 

Finally Get Support

If you’re like we once were, then you’re tired of not knowing which plan to follow and which trick to try so YOUR BODY can FEEL like your own again. You’re tired of trying different things, “maybe it’s my gut, maybe its yeast, maybe this supplement will do it, maybe that one”, with only mediocre results. You’re tired of broken promises and programs that make you feel like you’re not motivated enough… programs that don’t deliver what you really need. Let us hold your hand and guide you through 21 days of quality nutrition and lifestyle support with guidance on which detox services to use and when. Enjoy being a part of community of people who are walking the walk and committed to owning and building our health.


                                        The Program

Your unique AIR program guide, written by Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioners Amy Holaday and Sarah Lawrence, is research-backed and food and lifestyle based.  You will receive the basics of what to eat and what lifestyle practices to do during your 21-day AIR program, detox practices to follow during your program, FAQs, and Next Steps to continue feeling fabulous as you move forward beyond the AIR program.  The AIR program has 3 phases – prep, reset, and next steps.


  • Improve energy;
  • Support stress management;
  • Rebuild Health;
  • Regain Energy;
  • Reduce Inflammation;
  • Promote weight loss;
  • Encourage regulation and balance to enhance the natural healing state of the body.




The AIR food list clearly outlines which foods to eat during your program and which to avoid. The foods chosen for AIR have been carefully selected to replenish nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Foods that are difficult to digest and inflammatory are clearly listed for you to avoid.  Beyond the food lists, you will receive expert guidance on when to eat and when not to eat for superior digestive function and anti-inflammatory benefits.


 With expert coaching and support from Amy Holaday FNLP, CEO of Soul Path Wellness LLC, your program will be a breeze.  AIR has been designed with ease, simplicity and results in mind.  Information is presented in digestible bites because we know it’s important that you understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. If things get hard and you feel like quitting, you will have us to lean on and guide you forward.  Our signature is support for your body, mindset and energy.



We believe that community is such a vital part of success that we designed all of our programs to include it.  Instead of feeling weird, misunderstood or different for the way you eat and the choices you make, here you will be among like-minded people.  We are hard wired for connection!  Enjoy the difference that community creates; stick with the program, experience joy, real results, and have a place to share your successes, big and small.


AIR is a one-month commitment and we start on Monday, June 6.  Space is limited so that you will receive plenty of guidance and support, so grab your spot now!

Sign up now by calling Atlanta Colonic and Massage at 770-558-6900.  Your first month is $99. For those who love this structure, guidance and support and choose to continue, subsequent months are $29.

Amy Holaday, RN, CMT, HTP, FNLP

Your program will be guided by own own Amy Holaday. 

You will get 2 hours of group coaching via zoom each week for a month. You will get AIR Inflammation Reset program guide and recipes. You will get group chats and coaching weekly with your RN Nutrition Coach Amy.
Clients drop a few pounds, gain energy, reduce pain, detox and are more consistent with real self care.

ACM Amy Holaday
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