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AIR : Anti-Inflammatory Reset

Aches? Pains? Swelling? Excess Weight? Bloating? Fatigue? Body feels like an alien has taken over? Know it’s time for real, consistent self-care that works?

Reclaim your body and tame inflammation with our 6 week guided
functional nutrition and lifestyle program. Simple and doable so you experience real, fabulous results.


Initial 6 Weeks | $199

Follow Up Months | $89




AIR is for you if:

If you’re like we once were, then you’re tired of not knowing which plan to follow and which trick to try so YOUR BODY can FEEL like your own again.

  • You struggle with aches and pains, swelling, excess weight, bloating, fatigue, sleep disturbances, blood sugar imbalance (do you get hangry if you miss a meal? do you get sleepy about an hour after you eat or does your energy spike and dip?)
  • You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, thyroid disorder, metabolic syndrome, diabetes or pre-diabetes, anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, blood pressure issues, cholesterol imbalance, Lyme Disease
  • You have a family history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or dementia OR are concerned about preventing these conditions as you age.

                                  The Program

With a combined 20 years in practice, 7 Healthy Roots founders, Amy Holaday, R.N., FNLP and Sarah Lawrence, FNLP, CHHC, created AIR to be your first step to reduce inflammation and help your body break the pattern of stress and imbalance. In private practice, Amy and Sarah have helped thousands of people get results and relief from inflammatory conditions, digestive concerns, hormone imbalance, blood sugar dysregulation, resistant weight issues, autoimmune imbalances, mood and mental health concerns, and more — with AIR, we hope to expand our ability to bring results and relief to people in a cost effective, supportive and sustainable way.


  • Improve energy;
  • Support stress management;
  • Rebuild Health;
  • Regain Energy;
  • Reduce Inflammation;
  • Promote weight loss;
  • Encourage regulation and balance to enhance the natural healing state of the body.



Your Body will FEEL like your own again!

If you’re tired of trying different things, “maybe it’s my gut, maybe its yeast, maybe this supplement will do it, maybe that one”, with only mediocre results…

If you’re tired of broken promises and programs that make you feel like you’re not motivated enough… programs that don’t deliver what you really need…

Then let us guide you through 6 weeks of expert nutrition and lifestyle support. Enjoy being a part of community of people who are walking the walk and committed to owning and building our health.

AIR is simple, do-able AND backed by science, so you get tangible results without the guesswork.

The program includes:

  • Portal access for AIR Modules, Resource Library, Community Forum
  • Program Guide
  • Recipes and Helpful Handouts
  • live Q&A’s (recordings available if you cannot attend live)
  • Ongoing support in our Momentum Membership Community
  • BONUSES (we love gifting our community with surprise bonuses!)


AIR is a 6 week commitment.  Space is limited so that you will receive plenty of guidance and support, so grab your spot now!

Sign up now by calling Atlanta Colonic and Massage at 770-558-6900.  Your first month is $149. For those who love this structure, guidance and support and choose to continue, subsequent months are $49.

Amy Holaday, RN, CMT, HTP, FNLP

Your program will be guided by our own Amy Holaday. 

You will get access to a forum full of like minded people with  group coaching. You will get AIR Inflammation Reset program guide and recipes. You will get group chats and coaching weekly with your RN Nutrition Coach Amy.
Clients drop a few pounds, gain energy, reduce pain, detox and are more consistent with real self care.

ACM Amy Holaday
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