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In our high-tech, high stress, toxic society, avoiding disease and maintaining vitality as we age requires the maintenance of an alkaline environment throughout the body, hence the birth of Atlanta Colonic & Massage.

The AquaVida Ionic Footbath is a treatment that helps detoxify the body faster and more effectively than herbal or fasting protocols and provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins without precipitating a healing crisis or a Herksheimer’s reaction (fever, weakness, nausea, etc). The AquaVida Ionic Footbath counteracts toxins using ionization technology which neutralizes oppositely charged particles, then osmosis pulls the neutralized particles out through your feet. Ionization technology is a way may help people avoid disease and live more energetic lives.

Single Session | $34

Member Pricing | $29

Two Sessions | $64

Three Session | $94

Six Sessions | $179

Twelve Sessions | $349

Eighteen Sessions | $499

Twenty Four Sessions | $649

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Why Ionic?

In our high-tech, high stress, toxic society, avoiding disease and maintaining vitality as we age requires the maintenance of an alkaline environment throughout the body, hence the birth of Atlanta Colonic & Massage. The Ionic Footbath is a treatment that helps detoxify the body faster and more effectively than herbal or fasting protocols and provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins without precipitating a healing crisis or a Herksheimer’s reaction (fever, weakness, nausea, etc). We are continually exposed to a seemingly endless variety of toxins from the food we eat, the pollution we breathe, and the emotional stress we endure. Eliminating these impurities can be challenging because symptoms may worsen before they are alleviated. Fatigue after a footbath typically indicates an overstressed condition and/or emotional upheaval suggesting release of emotional toxins along with chemical toxins. The knowledgeable staff at ACM will help to support you in this period of adjustment.

You can feel lighter after the first session, and even better after a series of treatments. We are confident that following our detoxing program will alleviate symptoms and your body will feel cleansed.

People who have experienced the AquaVida footbath have reported elimination of the following conditions, while others have noticed a substantial reduction of symptoms:

  • pain
  • edema
  • gout
  • swollen or deteriorating joints
  • inflammation
  • osteo-arthritis
  • pimples
  • rashes
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • swollen joints
  • yellow, green, and blotched complexions (often indicates a buildup of acid wastes inside the body)
ACM Foot-Bath-Color-Chart

Up to 85% of those with the above ailments may experience an immediate benefit.

Because disease, surgeries, and many medical procedures leave the body weak and toxic, AquaVida Ionic Footbath detoxification treatments may prove to be essential to your ongoing health. Your cognitive skills improve and your energy increases while you enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing.

If you or a loved one has mercury fillings,
please read Dr. Zeines’ Mercury Filling Dental Protocol

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Your First Visit

When you arrive for an ionic footbath our staff will first review your history. Next you’ll be escorted to the footbath therapy room where you can relax in one of our therapeutic massage chairs. A therapist will ask you to remove your shoes and socks. You will then immerse your feet into a tub of warm water. As pure water is a poor conductor of electricity, the therapist will add a little salt to increase conductivity. After your therapist turns on the Ionic array (a technically advanced electronic device that stimulates detoxification), you can relax for the next 30 minutes, knowing toxins are being gently extracted from your body through over 2,000 eccrine sweat glands in your feet. As you relax during the session you will see the water change color. By the end of the session the water will typically exhibit a dark color. When your session is over your therapist will spray your feet clean, wipe them dry, and check your pH. You will be amazed at how alkaline your body has become in just a short time. Some have even reported a better release of toxins during their footbath after using the Far Infrared Sauna, so please inquire about our Package Specials.


Through research, we at Atlanta Colonic & Massage found that foot therapy was used for healing earlier than even we imagined. Archaeologist, Ed Case, discovered pictures in Egypt dating back to 2000 BC that documented foot treatments. Also, the Chinese use of foot manipulation is ancient and still commonly used today. Using the feet as a conduit to improve one’s overall health by unblocking vital energy pathways is an age old practice but today’s technology has enhanced its ability to pull toxins from the body.

Widely practiced in the United States since 2003, the therapeutic ionic footbath was born out of a concept formulated by US scientists and Nobel Prize winners, Peter Agre and Roderick Makinnon, who won the 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for studies of tiny transportation tunnels in cell walls, working to eliminates diseases of the heart, kidneys and nervous system

Scientists have discovered that the body fluids of healthy people are typically a bit alkaline, whereas the body fluids of sick people tend to be acidic. An imbalanced pH can lead to the progression of many degenerative diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Cancer can typically flourish only in an acidic environment. In most people, the pH prior to their session is more acidic than the pH at the end of the session.

Chemistry of what is happening in the water:


The process of separating oxygen and hydrogen is known as decomposition, which means oxidation-reduction reaction.

Oxidation means giving up electrons and reduction means gaining electrons. Water is oxidized at the anode. The reaction is 2H2O — O2+4H+4e- where 4e- stands for 4 negatively charged electrons that are given up in the oxidation process. Water is reduced at the cathode. The reaction is 4H2O+4e- — 2H2 + 4OH- where 4e- stands for the electrons that are gained in the reduction process. In the overall decomposition reaction, the volume of H2 produced is twice the volume of O2:2H2OH — 2H2+O2.

What we have, therefore, are free negative and positive ions circulating in a water solution (the physical body is a water solution), and occasionally combining to form H2O2,otherwise known as hydrogen peroxide. So we are dealing with free hydrogen, free oxygen, and various combinations of both.

Water Chemistry

before-after lag cleaning massage


  • Ionic Foot spa is not recommended for:
  • People with pacemakers or using a heartbeat regulating
  • device or medicine
  • People who have had an organ transplant
  • People who suffer from psychotic episodes or seizures
  • People with advanced stages of diabetes
  • People with epilepsy
  • During pregnancy or lactating
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Open wounds
  • People under a physician’s care (consult your doctor)
  • After a recent surgery (make sure you are released from
  • doctor’s care)
  • Children under age of 5


If you do not have any of the above-listed contraindications and would like to make an appointment, please click here for Online History Form.

Intake & History Forms

ACM Basic Health Form
ACM Ionic FootSpa History Form
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“I AM FEELING GREAT! I have been detoxing twice a week. At first I felt better physically, now I feel better mentally. Thanks for introducing me to AquaVida.“– Nancy, Beautician

“This is the first time in the last three years that I HAVE FELT ANY SENSATION IN MY TOES. I can also raise my hand above my head which I have not been able to do.” He then brought 5 of his family members for a foot spa session. He was concerned about his daughters who were beauticians and the chemicals they were exposed to from their profession. – George, Salesman

“THE PAIN IN MY JOINTS is relieved and I can work longer in my garden. My husband finds that the pain in his knees is relieved. He likes to have a session every three days. – Carol, Retired Teacher



How often should I use the foot spa?

We recommend that the system be used either once a week for the first six weeks, or twice a week for the first three weeks. Sessions should be spaced no closer than once every three days. A maintenance program of one session every 2 weeks or once a month is often sufficient. You will be able to tell the appropriate maintenance schedule by how you feel.

Why does the water change color?

The chemical combination of salt, water, array coil and sweat account for color changes in the water. The water will also change color when there are no feet in the foot spa, partly because of the natural oxidation of the array coil. Although the variation of colors is fascinating, it is not the definitive indicator of the session.

How does the detoxification process work?

With over 500,000 sweat glands, our feet can eliminate many toxins and provide a great source for balancing positive and negative ions through osmosis. The array creates an energetic effect that assists the detoxification process by attracting a positive and negative ion exchange between the feet and the water.

What waste products are expelled by the sweat glands in the feet?

Endocrine glands respond quickly to stress. Endocrine sweat is an ultra filtrate of plasma forming a colorless hypo tonic solution that is 99% water, and 1% solutes, including sodium chloride, potassium, calcium, urea, ammonia, uric acid and phosphorus.

Will it remove medications from my body?

Only toxins are removed from the sweat glands in your feet. Vitamins, minerals and medications are not excreted.

Why is salt added to the water?

Water is a poor conductor of electricity on its own. To reach the correct frequency to energize the water, salt is required. As a general guide, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt is sufficient; however, this may vary depending on your water type. We recommend you use table salt, as it is easily dissolved in water. Please avoid sea/rock/low sodium salt.

Have you proof of what it cures?

The foot spa does not cure anything! The system can aid the body to balance its bio-energetic fields, which stimulates detoxification. When the electro-magnetic fields are balanced, the body’s organs will naturally function more efficiently. Each individual’s body is unique and ones’ reaction to the AquaVida system will vary, just as each of us react differently to medications, surgeries, and alternative therapies.

“When I got out of the shower last night I felt the purple discoloration on my right leg diminished and I feel the same thing this morning about it. BUT THE BIG THING IS my carpal tunnel left hand is magically changed to such an extent that I am running around the house picking up things knowing that I have it in my hand. I can squeeze my hand tightly with no stiffness and it is fine. I just keep flexing it with disbelief. And as I type this I can actually feel the keys with my left hand and my typing speed is way up to where it used to be years ago!” – Dick, First AquaVida Session

I was able to move my neck after one session with significantly less spine pain. This was BETTER THAN A MONTH OF REFLEXOLOGY.” –Donna, Homemaker

“When I investigated the different detoxification footbaths, I selected this one because it is the most advanced available.“ -KellyAnn, Nurse

“I feel lightness in my chest.” Within minutes of the session she could breathe easier. Beth was a heavy smoker.  -Beth, Entrepreneur

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