Wellness Products

Biometics Nutritional Supplements
You and your family don’t have to take those hard to swallow tablets! Pills are poorly absorbed by the body–if at all! Biometics’ unique, liquid nutritional supplements are easy to take, great-tasting, and formulated to increase absorption of vital nutrients.

Probiotic Supplements
For its potency and guaranteed freshness, Ortho Biotic’s Probiotic is an optimal choice for gastrointestinal support.

Energetix Supplements
Used in synergistic combinations, Energetix can help you address even the most complex cases, yet its solid grounding in BioEnergetic nutrition makes it the perfect choice for all types of practitioners and all sizes of practices.

Kangen Water Systems
Kangen water is a healthy, toxin free, high alkaline water that is full of antioxidants and it contains the minerals and calcium that is already in your tap water. In addition, even people who have never really enjoyed drinking water love it because it tastes delicious.

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