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ACM Meet Our Team

   Candace Layer |Gladys Atha “Grandma” | Teresa Ducoffe

Teresa Ducoffe –Owner
I-ACT National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

May 5th 2008…….I’m a wife, mother, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist and owner of Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa and Ageless Beauty Spa. I am excited to share more about myself, my staff, and what services Atlanta Colonic and Massage and Ageless Beauty Spa offers in support of your personal journey to health and wellbeing. All our lives revolve around the choices we make each day. Here are some of the changes I have made along the way.

Candace Layer – Business Manager
Level 3 I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

When I was only 9 months old, I was diagnosed with kidney reflux disease. The doctor prescribed long term antibiotics to keep the kidney from becoming infected. By age 2, my immune system began to break down and I was constantly battling sinus infections and strep throat, for which additional antibiotics were prescribed. There was a constant threat of having my tonsils removed. And then there was . . . . CANDIDA!

Gladys Atha – Account Manager
“Mom,” known as “Grandma”

I first discovered alternative health and wellness when my granddaughter was faced with severe Candida. Her mother, my daughter, went to every doctor and specialist to no avail. That is when I got into the field of alternative health.

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Heather Pickens – Colon Hydrotherapist, Assistant Manager 

When asked how I became a Certified Colon Therapist, I always say the job chose me. I was in my finally year of high school just a couple months away from graduating when I started working at Atlanta Colonic & Massage. At the time my plan was to graduate, start classes to become a nurse and work part time as a receptionist. The thought of becoming a therapist never crossed my mind. I knew very little about alternative wellness and never even heard of colon hydrotherapy. It wasn’t until having my first colonic that I became so fascinated with not only what colon hydrotherapy could do for people’s health but for mine as well. I began to learn a lot and fell in love with all our services including the information I was gaining. Seeing how what we offer could make such a huge difference in someone’s life is what drew me in. When I was asked by Teresa and Candace if I was interested in becoming a Colon Therapist I jumped at the opportunity. I got my certification as soon as possible and now have been doing this for five years. I have gained a lot of knowledge over this time and plan to continue.  I have come across so many different walks of life at Atlanta Colonic & Massage and to see how much of a difference we as a team can make in their lives of our clients and that is the reason I love this job.

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ACM Amada Harrison, Receptionist

Amanda Harrison | Colon Hydrotherapist

Born in Atlanta Georgia.

Trisha Goodridge – I-Act Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Digestive health became important to me as a young Mom of 3 children in 2009. I was introduced to fermented foods and later the art of actually preparing these incredible super foods for my family. The health benefits were so undeniable that I had to spread the word by telling everyone I knew about fermented foods. I taught several classes on how easy it was to create and prepare these nourishing foods. As I researched digestive health, I came across Colon Hydrotherapy and became absolutely intrigued. Everything that I had learned about ph levels, how friendly bacteria enhances digestibility and increases vitamin levels made complete sense. All of this had laid the groundwork for Colon Hydrotherapy for me. After thoroughly researching Colon Hydrotherapy, I knew that I wanted to make a career of educating others about the great benefits of cleansing. I love our clients and I love being a colon hydrotherapist at Atlanta Colonic & Massage. The staff and our clients have truly become like extended family to me.

ACM ATrisha Goodridge
ACM Amy Holaday

Amy Holaday, RN, CMT, HTP, FNLP

Amy joined Atlanta Colonic and Massage to provide highly skilled bodywork. With 19 years of experience, Amy offers Integrative Massage Therapy to meet your individual needs. Amy tunes in to your stress level, posture and tension patterns and draws from many different techniques to provide a session that meets your needs. Techniques include Myofascial Release, Healing Touch energy balancing, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy and Swedish Massage Therapy.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is light, gentle, effective work which assists you with full body detoxification. Every cell of the body produces wastes which are removed via lymphatic vessels, filtered through lymph nodes, and taken back to your heart area where the lymphatic fluid wastes reenter your blood circulation to be excreted. The only way that lymph flows is by breathing, movement and massage. We are exposed to many toxins each day just by using cleaning and body care products, consuming food or beverages that have been stored in plastic, and breathing the air. If you are experiencing swollen lymph nodes (at your neck, armpit or groin area), swelling, or signs of sluggish detoxification such as headaches, acne, constipation, retaining excess fat, and fatigue, come and let Amy give your Lymphatic system some support. It is also very helpful in speeding healing and comfort after surgery and after cancer treatment.

Healing Touch energy balancing is an effective reset for the nervous system. Many of us live with high stress as our norm, and eventually we come to a place where our bodies demand better care. You know that stress has taken a toll if you are no longer bouncing back like you used to and instead have developed physical symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains, digestive issues, poor mood, and memory loss. During your energy balancing session, Amy uses her hands to assess your energy systems and then provides gentle and effective Healing Touch techniques to clear away stress and trauma from your energy and nervous systems. This subtle and profound technique assists you into a restorative, meditative state. Many clients say that they experienced deeper relaxation than ever before during their Energy Balancing session.

Healing Touch is also a gentle and effective way to release trauma from your body. Anything that is especially jarring to your nervous system – accidents, loss, shocking emotional experiences – can be registered by your body as trauma. This can become stuck in our bodies and cause similar problems as high stress During your trauma release session, you will not have to relive the trauma. You will experience deep relaxation and gently unwind and release the effects of the trauma from your energy system and body.


Kiara Hood | LMT, MLD-C

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt drawn to helping others. My early career choices always reflected my interest in promoting the wellness of those around me, but they all left me unfulfilled. I tried hospitality, nursing, pharmacy, and even call center customer service and nothing seemed to give me that spark. That all changed when I became a massage therapist. 

I’ve always had an interest in massage. I would give them to loved ones whenever possible and was always given great feedback. I lived in a small town and there weren’t many massage opportunities, so I never thought of pursuing it as a career. My husband, and biggest supporter, encouraged me to go to massage school and moved our family to Atlanta, GA where I could study at the best school in the state. I immediately fell deeply in love and finally found a career that I could be passionate about and tie in my love for holistic wellness. 

On a journey to live a life that I can be both proud of and feel well in, I’ve come to rely heavily on the life changing effects of massage therapy. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to connect the mind, body and spirit to promote the best health possible. It has easily become my go to cure for most ailments, including mental and emotional health. Human touch is such a powerful force for change and growth and I’m grateful to share it with those who I am lucky enough to service. Paired with proper diet and exercise, massage therapy can be a life changing experience. I am continuing to hone my skills with continuing education, workshops and daily spiritual practice. My most favorite modalities are Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology. What makes them my favorite is the fact that they address the entire body not only on a mentally and physically but also on a cellular level. Each session promotes healing from the inside out.

Take your next step in health and book a customized, deep tissue, reflexology, or Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage today!



ACM Amy Holaday
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