Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

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 In order to maintain health, human beings need the basics: Exercise, sunlight, fresh air, and clean water. But our modern lifestyles—from the water we drink to the clothes we wear to the homes we build—make it difficult for most people to access these essential resources.

The QEWB combines several powerful, non-invasive, clinically-proven healing modalities. Together, these synergistic modalities generate a standing quantum field as well as biophotons—light particles that the body can absorb. This charges your body on a cellular level.  In just 30 minutes the blood is alkalized, any time over 40 minutes detoxification begins, and stem cells activate. 

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) is a titanium- lined wellness bed that was designed to recreate the natural resources we lack through a powerful combination of heat, sound, microcurrent, and quantum energy. The QEWB condenses the powerful healing properties of nature, simulating the effect of many days spent in a forest through only a short, 30-minute session on the bed. The QEWB was made for anyone who wishes to reach optimum wellness.

1 40 Min Session | $50

Member Pricing | $45 (after initial)

1 60 Min Session | $80

Member Pricing | $75 (after initial)





Microcurrent Stimulation

The QEWB utilizes microcurrent stimulation, an electrotherapy that has been proven to increase circulation, promote cellular healing, and reduce pain. The bed is a full body Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device, which makes it well-suited for relief from systemic discomfort.


It has long been believed that sound can have profound healing effects on the body’s cells and biological systems. Built-in full spectrum frequency speakers emit sound waves through the bed’s plating, amplifying the effects of the QEWB and facilitating a powerful sound healing journey.

Far Infrared Heat

The QEWB generates far infrared thermal heat, which has been used as a modality for healing for thousands of years. Far infrared thermal heat therapy can help promote blood circulation, detoxification and lymphatic cleansing, pain relief, and deep relaxation.

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc., D is one of the pioneers of cellular voltage research. His research states that since we are a portable system, we must have a battery system that provides voltage as we move about. Our MUSCLES are voltage generators, as well as rechargeable batteries. However, this system only works when we are moving and exercising. Without exercise, our battery system goes dead. In addition, it is exercise that activates our lymphatic system to remove waste protein from dead cells from within our body.

To reverse chronic disease, we must look for the reasons why we have lost the ability to make new cells that work. Making new cells requires: -50 millivolts of energy. Disease is always defined by having low voltage—not enough horsepower for cells and organs to do their jobs properly.

Low voltage = low energy, toxicity and degeneration—we get sick and tired. 

QEWB uses bio-light storage to increase cellular voltage, making your body more resistant to infections; cells reset to the optimum voltage, eliminating the host for the virus to live.

Approximately 55% of the population is now using alternative methods like the QEWB because they are seeing results.

Patients will require 30 minute to one hour sessions, five days a week for three weeks to reach optimal cellular voltage. But even 1 session raises the voltage of your cells allowing profound changes to start occuring.


  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves intercellular fluid and blood flow
  • Stimulates production of ATP
  • Accelerates tissue repair
  • Helps reduce the effects on the body’s organs and tissues from overactive immune response
  • Gentle, non-invasive alternative treatment with no side effects
  • Reduces symptoms within 24-48 hours
  • Promotes quicker healing

QEWB Technology:

  • Quantum Energy Antenna Technology
  • Micro-Current Stimulation
  • Selective Frequency Resonance (Bio Beneficial Frequencies)
  • Magnetic Polarization
  • Far Infrared Radiant Energy

The mission of this bed is to provide a safe alternative to a natural and non-invasive treatment for increasing the body’s cell voltage.

  • QEWB uses bio-light storage to increase cellular voltage, making your body more resistant to infections.
  • QEWB produces an energy field which creates bio-light storage. Similar to a sponge soaking in a glass of water, when a patient lays on the QEWB, the body soaks up the bio-light.
  • As the body’s bio-light storage is filled, cells reset to the optimum voltage, eliminating the host for the virus to live, healing is voltage.



    What it does

    The Qewb using our body’s natural electricity to accelerate or improve wound healing, treat pain and inflammation in subcutaneous tissues, and raise cellular voltage. Why is treating inflammation is critical?  Inflammation is part of the immune response. It‘s a process that depends both on the physical actions of white blood cells and the chemicals that they produce: antibodies, cytokines, and the like. Over the last several decades, scientists have identified dozens of new immunological and inflammatory molecules and the pathways through which they interact. The loops and feedbacks of those pathways mean inflammation can be turned on and off in any number of ways. The problem comes when it is left on.

    How it works

    The human body—runs on mostly positively charged ions of elements like potassium, sodium, and calcium. Using the bed allows its stored information to affect a biological system in a beneficial manner, mainly because of its quantum coherence effect. The quantum coherence effect can be defined as a “correlation of wave-like entities”. You could say quantum coherence is a measure of the strength of quantum correlations. The bed helps “line up” the molecules in the body, in a more ordered way, using zero-point antenna technology, making the cells work better. This helps treat inflammation as well as other benefits. The QEWB bed can reduce cytokine storms, making it a potential ally in the war against this deadly disease. The more cells improve (improved voltage) the more DNA exhibits increased electrical conductivity in the presence of the bed, which has favorable implications for the repair of damaged DNA.

    Why use this technology?

    It has unique features using far infrared heat and micro-current in waveforms compatible with the human body. The Qewb works and it’s light years ahead of competition. The research is clear. The powerful full body Quantum Energy Wellness Bed presents a broad range of benefits that amplify quickly and cross over into performance, wellness, and pain relief. It meets the requirements in the category of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. These benefits reach nearly every condition with no known negative side effects. The new patented medical version of the QEWB will be a game changer in the field of Full Body Therapy and Energy Medicine.

    The Science behind Voltage

    Doctors document: HEALING IS VOLTAGE

     One of the pioneers in the investigation of voltage in our body and its influence, is Jerry Tennant, MD, MG(H), PSc., D,  an ophthalmologist who through his surgeries acquired a virus that caused him encephalopatitis and other defects in the nervous system that had no cure. 

    For seven years he needed to rest or sleep 16 hours a day, but he knew that if he could figure out how cells work properly, he could heal all of them. He became a homeopathic and naturopathic doctor and ended up healing himself, currently runs Tennant Institute for Pastoral Medicine, wrote many books and also is counselor in some universities and conventions. He states: “Almost all chronic disease is characterized by low voltage. Just as a new car without a battery isn’t going anywhere, a body without a functional electrical system doesn’t work either.

    Since we are a portable system, we must have a battery system that provides voltage as we move about. Our MUSCLES are voltage generators, as well as rechargeable batteries. However, this system only works when we are moving and exercising. Without exercise, our battery system goes dead. In addition, it is exercise that activates our lymphatic system to remove waste protein from dead cells from within our body.  

    To reverse chronic disease, we must look for the reasons why we have lost the ability to make new cells that work. Making new cells requires: -50 millivolts of energy, amino acids to make the inside of cells, fats to make the outside of cells, vitamins and minerals to make the metabolic processes work, oxygen as a fuel system (to metabolizing fats and glucose), and the lymphatic system to remove toxic substances. 

    We replace our skin every six weeks and our entire liver every eight weeks. Chronic disease occurs when we lose our ability to make new cells properly. Since atoms make up cells, and cells make up all the systems in our body. He describes how it’s the sunlightactivated photons, discreet particles/waves of light, which are absorbed and released as electrons that comprise the non-physical light-energy aspect of our being. (In 1905, Einstein wrote that light absorption can release electrons from atoms, called the photoelectric effect, and for this he received his only Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.)

    It is also important to know that human tissue is like a sponge, as we age, we absorb micro particles (toxins) into our tissue. The source of these toxins vary, the point is that these toxins prevent light from getting to the cells. When you lessen your body’s ability to store light, you signal your body to begin the aging process. It is the same in nature, as when flowers prepare for death and the leaves fall from the trees. The flowers and trees are aware that there is less light beginning in the fall months of the year. All of us die eventually and one of the main reasons is due to the loss of hydrogen or the hydrogen deficiency.

    Tennant explains further that the acid-alkaline balance, or pH (short for potential hydrogen), is really a measurement of voltage. He highlights the difference between electron stealers (free radicals) and electron donors (antioxidants). A free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons and an antioxidant is a molecule capable of giving away electrons.

    An electrome (novel term) stands for the totality of all ionic currents of any living entity, from celular to the organismal level. Cellular electricity is truly vital. Death of any ensues at the very momento that is invariably executed by sender- reciever entities that incessantly handle information. Information itself is inmaterial (no mass).

    Both mechanism are instrumental to the functioning of all cells, in particular to their still enigmatic cognitive memory system. Ionic/ electrical currents associated with cystoskeleton likely play a key role but have been largely overlooked.

    Tennant has measured that we maintain our cells and heal primarily by making new cells, which requires a voltage of -50 millivolts. Disease is always defined by having low voltage—not enough horsepower for cells and organs to do their jobs properly.

    Low voltage = low energy, toxicity and degeneration—we get sick and tired. The following chart helps us to understand the differences in relationship of the human body and pH.

    Cell Voltage Cell PH Body changes

    -50 7.88 Create new cells

    -45 7.79

    -40 7.70

    -35 7.61 Normal in children 

    -30 7.53

    -25 7.44 Normal in adults

    -20 7.35

    -15 7.26 Fatigue

    -10 7.18 Illness

    -5 7.09

    0 7.00 Cells change polarity

    +5 6.91

    +10 6.83

    +20 6.65

    +30 6.48 Cancer 

    One of the evidences is that sometimes when diseases appear, it is mentioned that it is due to the acidity of any kind, what this really means is that the voltage of the body is very low and is in an electron stealing state. Must be have electrons available to work or cells will die.

    The primary aspects that affect the voltage in cells are:

    • Thyroid hormones and adrenal hormones
    • Scars
    • Dental infections
    • Stagnation in sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
    • Toxins that cannot be removed by the liver
    • Heavy metals
    • Emotions (magnetic fields)
    • Infections: occur when the body voltage is low, creates more toxins, more voltage decreases, pathological infections are created 
    • Lack of sulfur

       THIS IS KEY: Our cells are 70+ percent water! The amount of oxygen that will dissolve in water is dictated by the voltage of the water. When voltage is raised, more oxygen will dissolve in the water and be available to release electrons. However, when voltage drops, oxygen comes out of solution and leaves the water, and thus, our cells.

      So we see that we need the basics: exercise, sunlight, fresh air, and clean water! But how do cells normally get voltage? There are many ways that the body is intended to access free electrons. However, our modern lifestyles, clothing, and equipment have tended to eliminate and/or insulate us from most of these sources:

      The EARTH is a huge electromagnet. An area of higher voltage always causes electrons to flow to an area of lower voltage. If your body has lower voltage than the Earth, walking barefoot on the dirt or grass will cause electrons to flow from the Earth into your body, recharging you. But if you walk with insulating rubber or plastic shoes, this cannot occur.

      WATER from the ground contains electrons (alkaline water). But when chlorine and fluoride are placed into tap water, it turns into an electron stealer. Swimming in stagnant or chlorinated water will steal electrons from you. Moving water is always an electron donor.

      Swimming in moving water will give you electrons (more effectively through the conductiveminerals in the ocean). 

      FOOD. We lose electrons by drinking carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic beverages, and by eating junk food.Unprocessed and overly cooked food has no voltage. When you eat processed food, your body must rob electrons from other sources to digest it. Eating raw, live, whole foods provides electrons.

      AIR/OXYGEN. Free electrons are all around us and oxygen is the most abundantly available antioxidant. Breathe deeply often, which is especially great while walking outside, and even better when barefoot! However, moving air (as in wind, air conditioning, sleeping with fans, or hair dryers) is an electron stealer.

      PRAYER, MEDITATION & POSITIVITY. It’s no longer a mystery or a “quackery” to believe that optimism and a great attitude prolong life span, promote immune health, and accelerate healing. Electrons will follow conscious intent; they are attracted to positivity! The phrase: “Reconnecting to the source for a recharge” applies to plugging your electronic device into a charger AND, for many, it also applies to connecting with their spiritual Source. As we come to understand quantum realities and their signifcance, we see that electrons ultimately come from their Ultimate Source. This is the nexus point between particle and wave, between matter and spirit.

      You now can see that we humans are electrical beings and are designed to recharge ourselves simply in the ways that our grandparents did: They worked outside in the sun, drank water from a well, ate unprocessed foods, gardened and touched the Earth with their hands and feet.

      Due to current lifestyles and the fact that there are fewer natural places near cities, has led to people like Tennant and others, to manufacture machines that facilitate the obtaining of energy to optimize our health, one of these is the “Quantum energy bed”, created by Dr. Ralph Suddath who has more than 20 years of experience in this field

      “I think this bed is going to change the world.”

      -Jamie, bed user


      I could feel my cells literally lighting up. It was like an orchestra playing in complete harmony.

      -Ute, bed user

      “I became aware of a feeling that my body was pure light and felt light as a feather. It was like my physical body was just pure air.”

      • -Allyson, bed user

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