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Ask about our Spa Membership!

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                         Get Your Inner and Outer Wellness Membership


Make a commitment to your health, wellness and vitality. Becoming an Atlanta Colonic & Massage and Ageless Beauty Spa Membership has several benefits.

Our members love it, and so will you!


As a member you will receive:

  • Your may use your $75 Credit towards any Spa Service*
  • Receive a Colonic Loyalty card (get 6 punches get your 7th colonic FREE)
  • 10% off all wellness supplements
  • Your credits roll over each month as long as you are an active member, up to 6 months, then they reset. 
  • Receive 1 complimentary Foot Detox or Infrared Sauna monthly or 8 Min BEMER session*


Sign up is easy!
Just say…
“I want to be an Atlanta Colonic and Ageless Beauty Spa Member!”

                                                 Wellness Spa Membership

                                                               $75 monthly


 Special Membership includes Special Pricing for Services:

  • Colonics: $75 (Retail $89)
  • Foot baths $29 (Retail Price $34)
  • Infrared Sauna $29 (Retail Price $34)
  • Massage ($10 off)
  • Acupuncture ($10 Off)
  • FLOWpresso $75 (Retail Price$90 )
  • Quantum Energy Bed ($5 Off)


**Terms and Conditions** Monthly membership fee automatically charged to your Credit card. Unused free services accumulate monthly as long as you retain an active Wellness Spa Membership. Membership services may only be used by the named member. Membership contract term is a minimum of 6 months and may be cancelled at any time thereafter. An early cancellation fee of $75 applies. If membership lapses all roll over services are forfeited.