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Ashiatsu Massage

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ACM Thai Massage

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage/ Barefoot Atsu is an ancient form of bodywork performed for thousand of years in Asia. It was brought to us through Buddhists monks, first from China and then from Thailand and Japan. However, the type of Ashiatsu massage commonly performed in USA clinics today is actually a Westernized adaptation of this massage style and it’s known as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy/ Bare Feet Massage Therapy.  Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy massage experience has been nominated by clients as the “most luxurious deep tissue massage on the planet!”

60 Min | $159

90 Min | $199

Ashiatsu literally means foot pressure (ashi=foot, atsu=pressure)  in Japanese, and is a massage technique whereby the therapist applies pressure to the client’s body with soft, clean feet using long, gliding strokes and gentle, but firm pressure whilst holding her body on a set of bars located above her head .

Very deep soothing strokes are applied to all muscles of the body by foot pressure to milk the muscles, open chakras and release toxins. This treatment is guaranteed to induce deep relaxation, relieve tight inflammation and stimulate the body’s own self-healing capabilities. This treatment is like no other in Atlanta area! 

Using specific cross-tissue/deep strokes, fully trained Myofascial Advanced Certified Practitioner  Greta Stanescu concentrates on all layers of muscle that have become depleted of their normal blood supply and lymphatic flow.

More than a massage ….Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy combined with smooth, flowing and continuous pressure like that of traditional Swedish massage is perfect for anybody. From the AVERAGE hard working person who suffers from chronic back pain, scoliosis or bulging herniated disc problems to pregnant women till NFL or NBA players, there is a specific positioning and pressure for everyone to his need.

Ashiatsu therapy techniques now also make use of knees, elbows, palms and fingers where and when necessary and appropriate. 

Greta is a certified Ashi Thai massage body worker where classical Thai massage techniques are executed applying foot pressure on the body.