A parasite is an invading organism living a parallel life inside our bodies feeding on our nutrients, cells, blood, organs, and energy. Our intestines provide the best environment for these unwanted guests. Research has shown that these leeching intruders ignore our immune defenses and begin using our immune makeup to grow and reproduce. (Female parasites can produce thousands of eggs per day.) They remain healthy and happy for up to 30 years while your body starves for nutrition.

  • Over 100 different types of parasites can thrive in any one person.
  • Parasites infect 250 million people worldwide.
  • Over 150 million people in America alone suffer from intestinal parasite infection.
  • Over 55 million American children have parasites.

Parasites come in all shapes and sizes ranging from one-thousanth of a micron to one hundred feet long. Any person can be affected by intestinal parasites especially those with a build-up of fecal matter and/or those with sluggish bowels. These people are being poisoned from their own wastes and the parasites’ wastes. Parasites can be found everywhere in the environment, from the air that we breath each day to the food and water we ingest. They move from one area of the body to the other consuming cells or devouring our best nutrients from body tissues. No organ is protected from their uninvited infestation.

If invaded by a parasite you may not experience any symptoms, however, many infected people experience:

Food AllergiesAnemiaBloating
Bloody StoolsDiarrheaFever
Shortness of BreathCoughingGas
CrampingAnal ItchingNausea
VomitingWeight LossFatigue
Muscle WastingDestruction of the Liver~

Most scientist have conclude that parasites either irritate or make health problems worse. They also state that many diseases (such as cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc.) derive from parasitic invasion.

Testing for parasites is not a simple task nor is it accurate. Doctors can only testing for about 5% of the parasites missing 80% of them, making the ability to clinically find parasites down to l %.

Removing parasites from the body can be challenging and extensive. Taking parasite cleansing drugs usually drives parasites to another part of your body. ACM has found Colon Hydrotherapy to be the easiest method to extract many intestinal parasites. Impacted waste in our colon provides parasites with a perfect environment where they can live and flourish. Cleansing your colon creates a fresh clean system that does not support a parasitic existence.

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