Excerpt from Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn by Karyn Calabrese

Internal Cleansing
You may be thinking, “Hey, I evacuate regularly, I don’t need colon therapy!” But as we know, the human colon is very long, and waste moves through it very slowly. If you have consumed a lifetime supply of dairy, meat, and other mucus-producing foods, you may have built up many layers of gluelike toxins on your colon walls. Although some wastes can pass through your intestines daily, leading you to believe that your body is adequately digesting the food you eat, the lining of your intestines will continue to toughen and narrow. Unless you remove this toxic accumulation, your intestines will become a place where poisons are harbored-deep inside your body and a source of autointoxication. You will become a source of poison to yourself.

Of course, in a world where even our own doctors don’t touch us if they can possible diagnose us with a test, it can be difficult to convince people, even those who are already engaged in a detox, that they could benefit from going “there.” If you are still skeptical, just look down. That abdominal bulge you dismiss as just another aspect of aging is a sure sign that wastes have built up in your transverse or ascending colon. Your body simply cannot use nutrients the way it should until yhese wastes have been removed.

The logic could not be clearer: If you eat three or four times a day, you should eliminate three or four times a day. If you do not, where have the wastes gone and what are they doing? It isn’t difficult to find out. During one autopsy, a colon was discovered that was nine inches in diameter with an open passage no thicker than a pencil. Other autopsies have revealed intestines so impacted with waste that they weighed 40 pounds!

Enemas and colonic irrigation have been used for thousands of years. The Ebers Papyrus, a document dating 1500 BC, chronicles how the ancient Egyptians used reeds to irrigate the intestines. Hippocrates used enemas to heal fevers. Ancient Romans, who made baths an obsession, considered enemas a part of good hygiene. The Essenes, who believed the body was a temple of the spirit, described an internal cleansing system using reeds and gourds to prepare their bodies to house the developing soul. Read more about the history of colon therapy.

I have found internal irrigation to be almost magically curative. My clients credit this therapy for relieving their rashes and other skin disorders, and even improving their eyesight. Whatever other benefits of colon therapy you experience, it will speed the removal of toxins from your body and elevate your cleansing efforts to a new level.

I’m happy to say that colonic irrigation done with a machine and the assistance of a trained hydrotherapist is now available in virtually every city from coast to coast. A state-of-the-art application of an age-old technique, colon hydrotherapy is effective in alleviating many medical conditions, including arthritis, back pain, cancer, dermatological problems, flatulence, headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure, sluggishness, thyroid deficiency, and many others.

While self-administered enemas will certainly enhance your cleansing efforts, there are benefits to colon hydrotherapy you should consider. In hydrotherapy, 20 to 30 gallons of temperature- and pressure-controlled water is gently moved in and out of the colon. Consequently, this approach works much more deeply than an enema and flushes considerably more mucus and toxins from the body. Moreover, a trained therapist can maximize the cleanse through massage or pressure-point stimulation, encouraging the body to expel layers of accumulation. You can expect a session to last approximately one hour. The procedure is usually painless.

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