Energetix Phenolic, Hormonal, and Neurotransmitter Support


Isopathic Phenolic Rings


A phenolic ring is a six-carbon benzene ring with an attached hydroxyl (OH) group. When addressing allergies and sensitivities, many times the response is to the phenolic. In addition to the potent blend of homeopathic phenolics, Isopathic Phenolic Rings helps to support the neuro-endocrine factors behind allergic/sensitivity reactions. This product is best utilized to calm allergy symptoms and to help connect the communication pathways within the body, allowing the practitioner to get to the causative factors behind the sensitivity/allergy.

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DHEA Drops


Assisting the body to improve hormone production on its own is one of the benefits of DHEA supplementation and studies have shown greater benefits when small amounts of Pregnenolone are included in the formulation. Energetix DHEA Liposome Drops includes a small amount of Pregnenolone as well as Vitamin B3 to assist with the synthesis of the formulation. DHEA Liposome Drops may be helpful in healing strategies that aim to assist with balancing the neuroendocrine system and for assisting with symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance.

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Phyto Pro-G


Phyto Pro-G is a topical cream containing Natural Progesterone and Wild Yam which may help with hormone imbalances and symptoms due to low progesterone levels. Phyto Pro-G may be considered in any healing strategy designed to assist with symptoms related to hormonal imbalances, especially where progesterone may be defcient.

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Pregnenolone is a natural hormone primarily synthesized by the adrenals. A healthy balance of this hormone contributes to mental alertness, memory, balanced mood, energy, strong immunity; also assists with arthritic conditions, increased resistance to the effects of stress, and reduced symptoms of PMS and menopause.

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Adrenatran (180 capsules)


Adrenatran is a comprehensive dietary supplement that contains Amino Select 2™, a proprietary amino acid formula designed to support healthy adrenal and metabolic function by assisting with catecholamine support. In addition to Amino Select 2™, this product is formulated with key vitamins, minerals and co-factors that support healthy adrenal function, amino acid conversion, balanced energy and overall well-being.

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Seratran (120 capsules)


Seratran is the first of the Neurotransmitter System supplements utilized in the Optimal Weight Program. Seratran is a dietary supplement designed to supply the body with the nutrition it needs in the form of vitamins, minerals and 5-HTP for balanced serotonin levels. A growing body of research suggests that low levels of serotonin (known as the master neurotransmitter) can cause many symptoms, including unnatural food cravings.

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Spagyric Botanicals

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Nutritionals and Spagyric Chinese Botanicals

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