Wellness Blood Analysis

Live and Dry Blood Analysis:

Would You Like to SEE
Your Current Nutritional Status?

In one drop of blood, there are over 5,000,000 living cells bringing life to our body!

Live Blood and Dried Blood Analysis is a window into your health, allowing you to actually see the effects nutrition has on your cells.

Through an Individual Assessment and proper education, you will be able to make better nutritional and lifestyle changes that may help improve your health which may help prevent sickness and disease.

  • Discover how choices you make each day affect your overall health and wellness.
  • See the effect certain foods, drinks, and environmental toxins on your body and blood.
  • Detect and prevent underlying sickness and disease.
  • To learn how to take responsibility for your health.
  • To balance your system by giving it the nutrition it needs from 100% Pure Plant Based Whole Foods.

Each client receives a careful assessment and individual education. After your Intake Evaluation session, we recommend four visits, consisting of your initial, re-tests (once per month for 120 days) and final follow-up.

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