Healthy Weight Loss Program

When you think of weight loss …do you think about just diet and exercise?
Have you dieted again and again with little success?
Fortunately now there is
Atlanta Colonic & Massage is excited to announce a “new” revolutionary weight management program that is not only less restrictive than many diets but is more conducive to your busy life style.

Here at ACM, we are committed to constantly searching for the very best in technology, services and products that we provide to you, our valued clients. As the science improves in the wonderful world of health, we are always looking for the best of the best. That is our commitment to both ourselves and to you!

The world of weight loss and premium nutritional supplements has very few “shining stars”, products that truly excel in their field. We are so excited to be an authorized dealer for these new products… a 100% natural, Homeopathic, clinically-proven line of products which are the “best of the best”! We have personally evaluated these products and couldn’t be happier with their results!

Watch this video to learn more about a revolutionary weight management program with Deanna Latson and Dr. Ray Strand!

Weight loss with Deanna Latson & Dr. Ray Strand

A revolutionary new weight management program that is not only less restrictive but more conducive to your busy life style. This is a one-of-a-kind formula, made of 100% homeopathic ingredients, clinically-tested and recognized by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). It alleviates hunger as it flushes fats and toxins from our systems. When used together in a signature 1250-calorie program, our natural, homeopathic drops support speedy weight loss, including stubborn belly fat and reduce the occurrence of “rebound weight gain.”

— Optimal Nutrition & Detoxification supplements

Manufactured to the highest standards using quality raw ingredients and manufacturing processes! Maintaining proper nutrition levels while reducing caloric intake is very important. By taking this Optimal Nutrition, you can provide your body with the optimal nutritional levels for proper cell function and energy to keep your metabolism up. Each product has been meticulously researched, formulated, and tested to be the very best. We partner with world-renowned experts in order to bring you products on the leading edge of what science can offer in the health and wellness arena.

A 30 day 100% money back guarantee with purchase of supplements. As you know we do not sell anything we have not personally tried and loved ourselves.

We hope to continue to share our wonderful findings with you! Thank you again for your patronage!

Watch this video to learn about a comparison of this new weight loss product!

To order this new product call:

Atlanta Colonic & Massage: 770-558-6900

We also offer several optional cleansing packages to assist with detoxing your body while on the new weight loss system.
This new weight loss system combined with ACM’s cleansing modalities can give you the best results …for life!

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