Energy Balancing

Atlanta Colonic & Massage now offers Energy Balancing!

Do you Suffer from: Anxiety, Pain, Stress?

Want increased energy, improved Sleep, Concentration and Focus?

Energy Balancing is Mind-Body Medicine. During Energy Balancing sessions. I assist clients in clearing the 7 Chakras, 7 Energy Bodies and Hara Line. Energy Balancing can help provides a deep stress reset and/or trauma clearing depending on what the client needs.

This work is effective in shifting stress patterns and energetic blockages that, through counseling or just using the mind, the client hasn’t been able to shift.

I received 2 years of training in Healing Touch thru the Healing Touch Program, then Advanced training in Trauma Release & I have 8 years of experience providing Energy Balancing.

During a session, I simply place my hands on or just above the body and act as a conduit for the earth and divine energies. During the session, clients typically experience deep relaxation which is similar to a meditative state. Some clients experience tingling, warmth or cooling in different areas of their body as the energy clears and balances, others see colors or feel a subtle sense of relief, others report feeling lighter and more grounded, others feel a sense of being able to release and accept something that has been stressing them, and others feel very little other than very deep relaxation.

Some homework is recommended at the end of your session so that your Balancing has a more lasting effect.


Cost: $89/1-Hour Session

1) Receive a 75-minute session which includes a free 15-minute Full Energy System assessment of your Chakras, Energy Bodies, and Hara Line along with 1-Hour of Chakra Energy Balancing for $89

2) Receive a pack of 3 Energy Balancing sessions for $240. You receive a full 1-hour session for each Energy System, so that at the end of your 3 sessions, all 3 Energy Systems – Chakras, Energy Bodies, and Hara Line – will be cleared and balanced.

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