What is Perk™?

Perk™ is the all-in-one Cleanse with Benefits™, merging spa exfoliation with advanced daily take-home products. Perk combines cutting-edge technology with proven ingredients, creating powerful synergies and real skincare results.

Why perk?

  1. Tailored to you – For all skin Types
  2. Hassle free – No down time period. No discomfort.
  3. Easy on your wallet- budget friendly and affordable
  4. Always by your side- Compact vials are perfect to take with you on- the -go.
  5. More bang for your buck- receive a months’ worth of product to extend treatment benefits.
  6. Boots your regimen- Enhances products you already use
  7. Daily Vitamins- Features skins antioxidants
  8. Time saver- Radiant skin in under 10 minutes

We have Spa Gift Cards!

Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa – Alpharetta, GA


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