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Bio Energetic Assessment

Bio-energetic assessment provides an excellent perspective on the overall state of the body’s health. According to medical research, acupuncture points are related to your body’s organ systems. As a patient moves toward or away from health, the condition of any particular organ system can be determined at these points.

BioEnergetic Assessment is a non-invasive method of assessing the meridians, or energetic pathways, of the body that are traditionally associated with particular organs and systems. The indications from the BEA assessment assist you and your practitioner in determining which treatments and remedies would be appropriate in establishing your personal health maintenance program.

Bio Energetic Assessment is state of the art computer based system used for measuring the energetic balance (chi) of the body. BEA can determine bioelectrical disturbances in the organs and systems and the energetic causes that deter optimum health. A regimen of natural remedies is then correlated that will restore balance. This technology is based on electromagnetic resonance, and allows us to take the guesswork out of the supplementation process.

Ann HallewellAnn Hallewell,
(Certified Natural Health Professional)

My journey into the arena of Natural Health began in the early part of the 1990’s when I attended a seminar in my home town of Snellville to learn about how to deal with menopause naturally. This seminar opened a whole Pandora’s Box for me and took me on an incredible journey into the field of Natural Health.

After the seminar I enrolled in a program with Trinity School of Natural Health to become a Certified Natural Health Professional and work on becoming an Naturopathic Doctor.

As my journey has progressed, and I have learned more, I have realized that there is so much more to learn.

When and if you decide to take responsibility for your own health and life style the Atlanta Colonic & Massage is a good place to visit, either in person or over the phone.

I will give you a full proof regime to help you lose weight, enhance your health, and your energy levels, and enjoy a quality of life that you will be amazed by.

Obviously, some time in the kitchen and some effort and commitment by you will be required to obtain the results you desire.

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