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Pregnancy and Postpartum Massages

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ACM Thai Massage

Pre-Natal Massage is a customized massage with your choice of massage cream or organic fractionated coconut oil enhanced with lavender essential oil. (Lavender is completely safe for pregnant women) Pregnancy massage consists of mainly Swedish massage, as well as Manual Lymphatic Drainage and gentle stretching.

Postpartum Massage consists mainly of mainly Swedish massage and the use of a heating pad or volcanic hot stones on the lower back. The goal for the postpartum massage is to add heat to a woman’s body again after having lost a lot during birth as well as to relax mind and body.  The best time for a new mother to receive this massage is within the first 3 months after birth,  which is often referred to as the 4th term.

60 min is $109
90 min is $139

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