Ortho Biotics’ Probiotic Supplements

For its potency and guaranteed freshness, Ortho Biotic’s Probiotic is an optimal choice for gastrointestinal support.

30 Day Count: $29.31
60 Day Count: $54.24
Powder Form: $26.70


It has come to our attention recently that counterfeit Ortho Molecular products are available online at discounted rates. We have contacted Ortho Molecular, who confirms they do NOT offer their products for sale online or to anyone who is NOT a licensed health practitioner.

Ortho Molecular maintains strict manufacturing and quality control standards. When purchasing Ortho Molecular supplements from an unauthorized online dealer, consumers may not receive the product they intended too. These online products may be expired, have been tampered with, or be completely counterfeited with potentially harmful or unregulated ingredients. Counterfeit products clearly violate Ortho Molecular trademark rights and the manufacturer is taking action to halt the sale of such products.

Ortho Molecular is committed to retail only through authorized distributors such as Atlanta Colonic & Massage. To guarantee product quality, please ensure that you purchase Ortho Molecular and Energetix products from an authorized dealer, such as Atlanta Colonic & Massage.

Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to address any concerns. We value your wellness and want only the best for our clients!

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