Princess Diana

The GLOBE, Vol. 40, Number 22

June 1, 1993

“She has her bowels washed out with 12 gallons of water 3 times a week. Now she’s free from: tiredness, anorexia, headaches, allergies, depression, candida. PRINCESS DI’S bizarre secret to health, a slim figure and glowing beauty is giving her body the Royal Flush!

Three times a week, the 31 year-old princess goes to London’s prestigious Hale Clinic for colonic irrigation – a super enema treatment that scrubs her bowels out with 12 gallons of water.

“She swears by the process,” reveals one of Di’s closest confidantes. “She says that it pumps up her energy and keeps her looking young. She even credits the enema treatment with curing her fatigue, allergies, depression, infections, migraines – and bulimia!”

“For years I’ve been trying to bury my troubles under mountains of food,” she confessed to me. “But after I binge, I worry about my figure. And I make myself throw up. It’s a terrible vicious compulsion. But now that I’m getting regular colonics, I don’t worry so much about what I eat. I know all the excess food will be washed away, along with the poisons that cause my terrible headaches. My migraines are caused by food allergies, and I haven’t had one since I started the treatments.”

Each time she visits the Hale Clinic for her $75 session, Di is placed on a couch and modestly covered. Distilled water is then pumped into her colon through a tube connected to a large stainless steel pump apparatus. The water is body temperature and washes out years of collected fecal matter, mucous and built-up poisons. The whole process is over in 40 minutes and is capped by a cup of special acidophilus tea, which restores “good bacteria” to the system.

“I can actually feel the toxins being flushed out of my system while I’m on the table,” Di bubbled to her pal. “It’s surprisingly pleasurable and comforting. It makes me feel brand new and pure. The treatments put the color back in my cheeks and a new bounce in my step. And I don’t get infections anymore – I used to suffer from candida, a fungus infection that gave me chronic sore throats. They’re gone for good thanks to my enemas!”

Although Di is convinced the treatments are a miraculous cure-all, pals say the rest of the royals are horrified by Di’s quirky health kick. Charles is appalled that his estranged wife and a member of the royal household would subject herself to this quackery.” says one insider. “And he certainly doesn’t want her to put their two sons through the same kind of thing. The Queen thinks the treatments are distasteful and disgusting, too. But Diana refuses to listen.”

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