Portland Gallery

Leaving on a Jetplane
We are leaving on a jetplane…to Oregon!

Plane Window
Majestic Mt. St. Helena from plane window.

Waterfall at Portland
Beautiful waterfall at Portland’s japanese gardens.

Teresa Riding The Dragon
Teresa riding the dragon.

Candace Behind the Dragon
Candace peacefully hiding behind the dragon.

Sarah Cautiously with Dragon
Sarah cautiously petting the dragon.

Half Colon Hydrotherapist
Half japanese maple, half colon hydrotherapist.

Garden Fountains
One of the many fountains throughout the gardens.

Tranquil Rock Gardens
One of the tranquil rock gardens.

Front of The Waterfall
We rested in front of this waterfall until the rain chased us off.
Very rejuvenating!

Portland’s Rose Garden
A small fraction of Portland’s famous rose garden.

Walkways Lined With Roses
Beautiful walkways lined with thousands of roses.

Smelled All Roses
We stopped and smelled all the roses.

Mother and Daughter
Mother and daughter happy to be surrounded by such beauty.

Best Friend Love
Best friend love!

Silly Therapists
We are some silly therapists.

Cruise Boat
Our Portland Spirit cruise boat.

Colon Hydrotherapists
Look at at all those colon hydrotherapists!
We are ready to board the boat, captain.

Drive The Boat
Some of us were allowed to drive the boat!

Portland from the river
Enjoying Portland from the river.

Cheers to Portland
Cheers to Portland!

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