Colon hydrotherapy is the process gently irrigating the bowel walls. A small, sterile tube is gently inserted into the rectum, and small amounts of purified water are intermittently released in an attempt to cleanse toxic residue that may have built up throughout the large intestines. This process takes place without drugs or additional chemicals. Colon irrigation has been reported by many as safe, relaxing and sensational.

When someone arrives for his or her first session, the colon therapist should take the time to describe the procedure from start to finish and should ask you to complete a health history form to ensure the procedure is right for you. Your health history is important, as while colon therapy can be beneficial to many people, there are a few risk factors that are considered contraindications and would prohibit your therapist from offering you a colonic.

Once you and your therapist completed your initial discussion and you’ve decided this procedure is right for you, you should be escorted to a private therapy room. There, you can disrobe, cover yourself with a surgical drape and lie on your back on the gently sloping colonic table in a comfortable position. Part of your therapist’s job is to make sure you feel as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Your therapist should continue to explain the process in detail as they help you get into the proper position and prep the colonic equipment for you session.
An experienced therapist will use a combination of conversation, heated massage, reflexology and proper breathing instructions in an attempt to make sure you are as relaxed as possible. Once the process begins, you will be encouraged to relax throughout the duration. The entire process lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, during which time you should be carefully monitored.
After undergoing your first session, your therapist should discuss with you a regimen for future visits. If you have a positive reaction to the cleansing process, perhaps you will consider returning on a regular basis to maintain colon health.

Today’s fast-paced society sometimes forces people to live in or around a potentially toxic environment and consume foods that are high in preservatives and low in nutritional value. For these reasons and many more, maintaining proper colon health is more important than ever. This type of procedure can assist the body’s natural capabilities in eliminating toxins from your system.

Before your first treatment, it is highly advisable that you contact several colon therapists in your local area to find out what certifications they might hold and how long they’ve been in business. It is also good to ask for a couple of references. When considering this type of process, you deserve the best, so don’t sell yourself short. Be sure to get your questions answered and choose a reputable therapist, and you could soon begin enjoying the benefits of a healthy colon.

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