One of the natural hormones produced by the body during pregnancy, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) helps to provide nutrition required by a developing fetus. This hormone directs the brain to use the stored fat in the bloodstream for food. HCG hormone has also been proven to safeguard the body’s good fat by altering the metabolism and keeping muscle tissue from breaking down.

The HCG Diet: What it does
British endocrinologist Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons developed the HCG Diet concept in the 1950’s. Today many have discovered the HCG diet as a way to lose weight safely without side effects. The HCG diet weight release protocol helps the body use stored fats optimally and thus, helps with weight loss.

During the first and second stages of the diet protocol, a person begins taking regular doses of the HCG hormone. The HCG diet may help the user to shed around 1-2 pounds everyday by making use of the energy stored in the fat cells and not the muscle cells.

There are some precautions for those using the HCG diet weight release protocol. Those taking HCG must eat only organic foods, and must take care to avoid all types of processed or junk foods for the diet to yield maximum results. This is because the body’s metabolism can be restored to normal only when HCG doses are coupled with the intake of organic food. A person is also required to restrict his or her calorie intake to 500 calories during the second stage of the HCG diet program. This is because the body begins to use approximately 2,500 calories from fat as energy at this stage. If users consume more than 500 calories at this stage, then stored fat will not be used for energy. During phase three of this diet protocol, users can eat a larger number of calories provided the food consumed conforms to the HCG diet guidelines.

Body contouring benefits of HCG
The HCG diet weight release protocol is also noted for its body sculpting and contouring benefits. The diet helps the user not only to shed excess weight but also to decrease the circumference of his/her body through its body sculpting effects. The HCG diet controls the amount of fat deposits in the body. For instance, with the help of the HCG diet treatment, weight in problem areas such as the tummy or chin can be removed easily. It also helps to impart a more youthful refreshed look and feel to areas such as the hands, neck and the face by rejuvenating the structural fat.

The HCG diet plan can help users shed a good amount of cellulite in just 6-12 months provided they adhere to the previously mentioned diet plan. The HCG diet is not just another diet; it works by assisting one’s body to work as nature intended. The HCG diet helps users to stay fit and active by assisting them to keep the excess weight off.

With some patience and perseverance, users emerge a winner in their weight loss efforts through HCG for weight loss.

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