Giving the Gift of Health with Deep Tissue or Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift, give the ones you love and care most about a gift
that encourages health is both personal and useful. Gift certificates are available for 30 minute or 60
minute deep tissue or trigger point therapeutic massage and are perfect gifts for individuals that deal
with frequent headaches, tension or stress, rheumatoid arthritis, or muscle aches & pains related to

Consider purchasing a “coupon book” containing multiple 30 minute massage sessions.
Purchasing a “coupon book” also gives a gift to the buyer, with their choice of a free spa service. Several studies have shown that a person can receive therapeutic benefits from twice weekly 30 minute deep tissue or trigger point massage sessions. To create a more elaborate gift for a woman, present the
massage coupon book in a basket, along with a reusable monogrammed water bottle, monogrammed
hand towel, and a reusable lavender filled eye sachet. For a man, add a sporty water bottle and some
sneakily nutritious snacks, such as almonds, pistachios, or cashews.

Giving a gift of therapeutic massage can have short term and long term beneficial results for individuals with chronic pain syndromes. This type of massage has been shown to reduce or minimize pain
intensity or frequency of episodes, which has a domino effect within the rest of the body. Once life’s
pain is minimized or eliminated, a positive effect on mood is often seen, as well as improvements in
general well being. It’s the perfect gift!

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