It’s Flue Season again!
Atlanta Colonic & Massage
has you covered!

Introducing the Energetix Cold & Flu Protocol!
A safe, effective and natural way to boost your bodys immune system against the flu!
Help protect yourself and your loved ones from seasonal illness.

The Energetix Cold & Flu Protocol is a regimen consisting of three homeopathic tinctures that you can either take sublingually (under the tongue) or in a small glass of water. The protocol is done the first fifteen days of each month during Flu Season (typically October – May).

Your Energetix Cold & Flu Protocol kit includes:
1. Drainage-Tone (1)
2. Flu-Tone (1)
3. Vaccine-Chord (1)
4. Easy Instruction Card
5. Six month Flu Season tracking sheet to help you stay on track.
6. Bonus Protocol for if you currently have the Flu or feel a Cold coming on.

All three bottles will last you the entire season when taken as directed for just $74 + tax.
(That’s less than $10/month and NO needles!)

We also carry other excellent nutritional supplements to assist in keeping your immune system strong!

Number of Cold & Flu Protocol Kits is limited.
Get yours today!

Drop by or call us at 770-558-6900 to order

Spread the word – Not Germs!
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