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Teresa Ducoffe

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This weekend come eat drink and be merry!

Join Atlanta Colonic Massage and Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative

Saturday April 29th

Forsyth County’s Beer Fest and Cornhole Tournament!

Free samples and exclusive specials for the day of the event!

Live bands, tons of beer and good times! Hope to see you there!

Proceeds go to help the Humane Society of Forsyth County, GA

Can you believe it’s already been 8 years?
Neither can we! We have so many new things to share with you!

Open House May 6th 2017

TONS of Free Samples

Complimentary Chair Massage

15 Min Complimentary HyrdaFacial Demos

Hors d’ oeuvres

Atlanta Colonic & Massage presents Ageless Beauty Spa to bring you the best in inner and outer beauty.

We are proud to represent Eminence Organic Facial Line along with the incredible HydaFacial® treatment.

The HydraFacial® is a non-invasive resurfacing facial with multi-step treatments that cleanse, peels, exfoliates, and extracts while removing impurities and replenishing vital nutrients to skin. The HydraFacial® even targets specific skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. The HydraFacial® is perfect for all skin types and provides immediate results in 30 minutes leaving your skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and invigorated.

Join Atlanta Colonic & Massage

Mark your calendars and reserve a spot for you, family and friends to hear a presentation entitled:

“Options for Those Without”

Sunday April 3rd at 5:30pm.

As many of you may know, I have been challenged with breast cancer for the last 4 months. and continue to be moved by your love, generosity and support shown during my healing crisis. I received a great report after my breast cancer surgery in Feb 2016, with the removed tumor being well encapsulated and my lymph nodes were clear. I have chosen not to receive chemotherapy, radiation or additional surgery, much to the disappointment of the doctors I was working with. An alternative MD/Chemist Dr. Douglas Wichman, Director of the Advanced Rejuvenation Institute in Atlanta, was part of a Raw Food Meet-Up Group hosted at Atlanta Colonic & Massage. Dr. Douglas Wichman is helping me rebuild a rock solid immune system with injections of a protein produced by the body that acts like little “pac-man’s” eating cancer cells.

I continue to be moved by your love and support which helps with the stress I would be feeling, and am excited to see what’s available to us in the complementary field for cancer! I would like to begin sharing some of the incredible knowledge that has been bestowed upon me.

You will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Wichman, April 3rd at 5:30 at Atlanta Colonic & Massage at no charge.

At our next Raw Food meetup, Dr. Wichman will be providing a positive and informative presentation, along with a Q&A session about the latest cancer treatments. Come learn about the latest alternative treatments, and how invasive “last resort” conventional treatments of today may be avoidable and how to strengthen your immune system in a time where cancer rates have been rising steadily. This is a great educational opportunity on a topic that we are often reluctant to confront. Dr. Wichman is an Emory-trained Biochemist and a Board-certified Radiologist who serves as the Medical Director for the Advanced Rejuvenation Institute in Atlanta.  His holistic practice is dedicated to the eradication of cancer.

In accordance with the Georgia “Access to Medical Treatment Act” (O.C.G.A. 43-34-38) and defined research protocols, Dr. Wichman makes available a huge array of cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies for those in need.  Specialties include early cancer detection, therapeutic nutrition, aggressive immunotherapy, ultra-pure plant extracts, multi-targeted apoptosis induction, and nontoxic tumor ablation.

Dr. Wichman does not offer chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery as a part of his protocol.

Blessings and Namaste

Teresa Ducoffe, Owner

Atlanta Colonic & Massage

Join Atlanta Colonic & Massage for Ageless Beauty!
Sept 7th from 11am-4pm for the GRAND OPENING of our beautiful relaxing esthetician service.
Enjoy MicroZone Treatments, a 20 minute targeted “skin fix” treatment for only $35.00 (includes FREE Face Mapping) No changing clothes, no fuss and big results!

Available MicroZone treatments include: flash exfoliation, eye rescue, eye drainage massage, blackhead relief, lip renewal, rapid spot clearing, hand repair, men’s skin fitness, moisture boost, skin soothing, UltraCalming skin relief, and Age Smart.

A short confidential MicroZone Consultation Card alerts your therapist to any medical conditions or contraindications, provides key information quickly and more time performing your treatments.

Guests must RSVP: Call / e-mail by Sept 1st.

Join Atlanta Colonic & Massage at the

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk

Thursday, Sept 11, 2014

Come by our booth for special deals!

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run Walk banner

Past Events

– – Biological Dentistry & Detoxing – –

Biological Dentistry & Detoxing

Costco Health Fair

Atlanta Colonic & Massage joined Costco in a HEALTH FAIR on August 18th from 11am to 3pm at the Winward location. If you missed your chance to enjoy Costco during this ONE DAY SHOPPING PASS you can still have the opportunity to become a special member of Costco. Just simply drop by the membership desk and mention us, Atlanta Colonic & Massage.

Costco Health Fair

Annual I-ACT Convention

Annual I-ACT Convention

Three of ACM’s colon hydrotherapists attended the 2011 International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy’s convention, located in Portland, Oregon, from June 22nd thru 26th. We learned a lot and will post all the new found information on the website soon!

ACM Portland Photo Gallery

Check out Dr. Sylvester Yong’s Scientific Workshop about constipation!

Read Dr. Zeines’ lecture about how the body is connected to the mouth!

Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa

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Ortho Biotics Probiotic Supplements

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract that helps maintain a strong immune system while inhibiting the over colonization of disease causing micro-organisms like E. coli and salmonella.

“They help white blood cells fight disease, they control putrefactive bacteria in the intestines, they provide important nutrients for building the blood, they assist digestion, they protect the intestinal mucosa, they prevent diarrhea and constipation, and they contribute to the bowel elimination. They also manufacture important B vitamins and they are the most abundant source of Vitamin B12.” (The Body Ecology Diet)

Non-beneficial bacteria are naturally living in your intestinal tract at all times. Problems begin when overgrowth occurs, and probiotics play an especially important role in balancing pathogenic bacteria that cause disease.

“Our colon can maintain its health with 15% unfriendly bacteria, if the body contains at least 85% probiotic friendly bacteria. Most people have this percentage in reverse.” (Healing With Probiotics)

In this video,

Brenda Watson explains how probiotics work in the body:

Buy Probiotic Supplements

A good probiotic supplement will contain millions of live beneficial bacteria to replenish and strengthen your intestinal tract increasing colonization of friendly microorganisms. These beneficial microbes join forces with your body’s existing helpful bacteria to help inhibit the growth of non-beneficial bacteria.

The word “Probiotic” simply means “for life”. But the proper scientific definition of a Probiotic, it is: “A live microbial food supplement, which beneficially affects the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance” A probiotic may also referred to as “friendly”, “beneficial” or “good” bacteria, as it acts to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and help fight illness and disease.

Non-beneficial bacteria also typically live in your intestinal tract. However, problems may occur when there is an overgrowth of non-beneficial bacteria. A healthy lower intestine and colon typically should contain a ration of at least an 85% probiotic friendly beneficial bacteria to 15% non-beneficial bacteria to prevent the over colonization of disease causing micro-organisms like E. coli and salmonella. For many people, these percentages are significantly out of balance.

New research is establishing the important benefits supplementation of your body’s natural probiotics can provide. Probiotics are also essential in the treatment and prevention of thrush, vaginal yeast infections, and athlete’s foot. General health and wellness can be significantly influenced by the levels of the more than 400 types of friendly, symbiotic bacteria that may inhabit the digestive tract, by helping to maintain a strong immune system Probiotics also help prevent the overgrowth of yeast, fungus and produce substances that can lower cholesterol.

“They help white blood cells fight disease, they control putrefactive bacteria in the intestines, they provide important nutrients for building the blood, they assist digestion, they protect the intestinal mucosa, they prevent diarrhea and constipation, and they contribute to the bowel elimination. They also manufacture important B vitamins and they are the most abundant source of Vitamin B12.” (The Body Ecology Diet)

Did you know?

There are 20 times more bacteria than cells in your body? In fact, at this time, you have more bacteria in your body than the total number of people who have ever lived on earth. So, next time you step on the bathroom scale, remember that 1 pound of that weight is not you at all, but the billions of bugs that live in your gut. This may sound alarming, but many of these organisms are crucial to good health.

Why Do We Need Probiotics?

Poor eating habits, chlorinated drinking water, stress and disease and the use of antibiotics in food production as well as antibiotics, birth control pills and many other allopathic drugs can wreak havoc in the gastrointestinal tract by destroying good bacteria and allowing undesirable bacteria to multiply.

Two of the most damaging elements to your delicate intestinal flora balance are chlorine and sodium fluoride, present in most treated city water, and also present in many alcoholic beverages served in restaurants. Alcoholic beverages also contribute to the destruction of the intestinal flora. When the ratio of good bacteria to bad is lowered, problems can arise such as excessive gas, bloating, constipation, intestinal toxicity and poor absorption of nutrients.

A good probiotic supplement contains millions of live beneficial bacteria to bolster and replenish the good bugs in your digestive tract joining forces with natural friendly bacteria to help inhibit the growth of harmful microbes, also helping improve digestion and absorption of food as well as stimulate and support the immune system.

Why are Probiotics so necessary? The answer is, while it is true that certain foods, especially live yogurt, Japanese Miso, Tempeh and some cheeses have a probiotic action in the gut, you can never be sure what strain of bacteria you are eating or the actual quantity contained in these foods. Also, the stomach is a harsh and acidic environment, designed to kill off bugs – the good ones along with the bad. There is no way of knowing just how many of those replacement bacteria will survive and make it all the way through the harsh environment of the stomach.

There are other foods, such as bananas, garlic and onions, which can also help repopulate levels of the good bacteria in the intestine. But little is understood about how much you need to eat for best results and, you can only eat so much garlic in a day!

A summary of what Probiotics may assist with:

  • Inhibit growth of harmful bacteria which cause digestive stress
  • Improve digestion of food and absorption of vitamins
  • Stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanism – the immune system

It is important to remember when choosing a probiotic, that even if all probiotics products contain what they promise on the label (and it appears that some do not, according to clinical testing,), only those probiotics which have a special coating to protect them as they pass through the stomach and small intestine will be effective. If the good bugs cannot get to the intestine where they are most needed – you will not receive the full benefit.

It is hard to meet anyone nowadays who does not know someone who suffers from chronic illness of some type. According to a study performed by Johns Hopkins University, nearly 50% of Americans has a chronic medical condition, chronic illnesses cause 70% of deaths in the United States and generate 75% of the total health care costs in the United States annually. 90% of seniors have at least one chronic disease and 77% have at least two. Our antiquated healthcare system is struggling to deal with these facts, yet things only seem to be going from bad to worse. Patients are unhappy… Doctors are unhappy. Our approach doesn’t seem to be solving the problem and some argue that it may even be worsening it. Nobody is winning.

Buy Probiotic Supplements


Counterfeit Ortho Molecular products are available online at discounted rates. We have contacted Ortho Molecular, who confirms they do NOT offer their products for sale online or to anyone who is NOT a licensed health practitioner.

Ortho Molecular maintains strict manufacturing and quality control standards. When purchasing Ortho Molecular supplements from an unauthorized online dealer, consumers may not receive the product they intended too. These online products may be expired, have been tampered with, or be completely counterfeited with potentially harmful or unregulated ingredients. Counterfeit products clearly violate Ortho Molecular trademark rights and the manufacturer is taking action to halt the sale of such products.

Ortho Molecular is committed to retail only through authorized distributors such as Atlanta Colonic & Massage. To guarantee product quality, please ensure that you purchase Ortho Molecular and Energetix products from an authorized dealer, such as Atlanta Colonic & Massage.

Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to address any concerns. We value your wellness and want only the best for our clients!

Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa

We have Spa Gift Cards!

Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa – Alpharetta, GA


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