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Flu Protocol
Introducing a new Cold & Flu Protocol at ACM! Our homeopathic drainage and tonification remedy set is designed to uplift and stimulate the immune system, which is essential in the prevention of the cold and flu.Immune-enhancing herbs are also included to nourish the body and provide the necessary resources it needs to alleviate cold and flu-like symptoms such as general weakness, runny nose, fever, sore throat, achiness, and cough.

Spagyric Botanicals
All of Energetix products are condition-specific Botanicals are Spagyrically processed from organic and/or wildcrafted raw materials. The word “Core” is used to describe the main botanical used in the blend, the word “Blend” is used if the main botanical has been synergistically combined with additional herbs to enhance its clinical effectiveness.

Products listed under this category: Core Burdock Blend, Core Cilantro Blend, Core Cohosh Blend, Core Dandi Blend, Core Licro Blend, Core Maca Gold, Core Milk Thistle, Core Myrrh Blend, Core Para-V Blend, Core Pau d’Arco Blend, Core Sambucus Blend, and Core Sarsaparilla.

Homeopathic Nosode Detoxifiers, Drainage, Tonification, Sarcodes, and Flower Essesnces
All Energetix homeopathic remedies are created from mother tinctures with Spagyrically-processed ingredients. These products are handmade and hand-succussed to ensure a potent, consistent and high-quality remedy.

Products listed under this category: Aller-Chord I, Aller-Chord II, Para-Chord, Adrenal-Tone, Drainage-Tone, Flu-Tone, Inflamma-Tone, Lymph-Tone III, ReHydration, Relax-Tone, Relief-Tone, Sinus-Tone, Adrenopath, Hypothalmapath, Lymphopath, Metabopath, and Fields of Flowers.

Phenolic, Hormonal, and Neurotransmitter Support
Each of these products and product categories has been designed to work synergistically to assist the body in restoring health at all levels.

Products listed under this category: Isopathic Phenolic Rings, DHEA Drops, Phyto Pro-G, Pregnenolone, Adrenatran, and Seratran.

Nutritionals and Spagyric Chinese Botanicals
Energetix’s clinically-specific vitamins, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics and New Zealand glandulars are therapeutically formulated for optimal combined tolerance and rapid assimilation. Energetix is proud to offer the only line of Spagyrically-processed Chinese botanical blends. The Twelve Virtues are unique and easy-to-use remedies based on classical Chinese formulas that have been modified to fit today’s complex symptomatology.

Products listed under this category: Phyto Rad Antioxidant, Adrenal Force, AminoGest, Catalyst-7, Catalyst-U, Pure Body Clear, Colon Clear, DGL Gut Complex, GALT-immune, Liquid Vitamin D3, SpectraMin, XenoForce, Temple Guardian, and Quiet Treasure.

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