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Energetix provides a broad spectrum of powerful solutions with 120+ products ranging from organic and wild-crafted nutritionals to potent spagyrically processed homeopathic and botanicals remedies.

Energetix is headquartered on a lovely natural fifty acre estate in the North Georgia foothills and product manufacturing occurs in several pristine locations in North America. From the selection of raw materials to the intensive and age-old processing methods, Energetix demands purity and produces the finest, most potent BioEnergetic products available. Energetix recognizes that purity and potency are necessary, but not sufficient to create an effective remedy. The final step, that of creating intelligent, synergistically balanced and multi-faceted formulations, is the one that makes Energetix truly unique.

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Spagyric Processing

The creation of effective remedies requires innovative formulations, pure raw materials, and clean processing methods. For our Botanical and Homeopathic tinctures, we use the labor-intensive method known as the Spagyric process.

This ancient form of processing involves separation of the raw ingredient into its active components, purification of the constituents through natural solutions and rhythmic extractions, and lastly, reunification of the concentrated elements to create the final remedy.

Spagyric processing emphasizes use of the whole plant, ensures maximum extraction of the raw material and creates a product that is more concentrated and bioavailable than the original substance; while leaving all the original trace minerals and elements intact.

Synergistic Products

Energetix offers a wide variety of natural remedies, including:

  • Spagyric Botanicals
  • Homeopathics (nosodes, drainage, sarcodes, flower essences & phenolics)
  • Topicals
  • Nutritionals
  • Spagyric Chinese Botanicals

Each of these products and product categories has been designed to work synergistically to assist the body in restoring health at all levels.


All of our homeopathic remedies are created from mother tinctures with Spagyrically-processed ingredients. These products are handmade and hand-succussed to ensure a potent, consistent and high-quality remedy.

Spagyric Botanicals

All of our condition-specific Botanicals are Spagyrically processed from organic and/or wildcrafted raw materials.

The word “Core” is used to describe the main botanical used in the blend, the word “Blend” is used if the main botanical has been synergistically combined with additional herbs to enhance its clinical effectiveness.


Our clinically-specific vitamins, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics and New Zealand glandulars are therapeutically formulated for optimal combined tolerance and rapid assimilation.

Spagyric Chinese Botanicals

Energetix is proud to offer the only line of Spagyrically-processed Chinese botanical blends. The Twelve Virtues are unique and easy-to-use remedies based on classical Chinese formulas that have been modified to fit today’s complex symptomatology.

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