Vital Cellular Nutrition for the New Millennium

Cellfood Dietary Supplement


Cellfood is a highly-concentrated super-energized formulation containing 78 ionic/colloidal trace elements and minerals (34 for fossilized plant from virgin earth, and 44 from the clean Southern Seas surrounding New Zealand, unrefined and still containing natural trace elements), combined with 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids and dissolved oxygen–all suspended in a solution of Deuterium Sulfate. As a complete mineral and nutritional supplement, Cellfood enhances nutritional biochemical activities, bringing to our bodies what modern living is stripping away (Dr. David S. Dyer).

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Cellfood Oxygen Gel


The only skin gel product containing Cellfood, the world-renowned cell-oxygenating ionic concentrate. A unique nutrient-rich replenishing gel that helps to renew skin texture, making it softer, smoother and firmer. Regular use of this product will give the appearance of decreased fine lines around the eyes and mouth while devitalized skin regains a luminous radiance.

Drop by or call us at 770-558-6900 to order

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