Today many people are turning toward colon irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy, as an alternative to battling Candida and yeast infections. Amazingly, colonic hydrotherapy, cleansing and the art of removing harmful toxins through the bowels has been around for centuries. Many people find this type of treatment extremely helpful because Candida bacteria are known to thrive in a toxic environment, and colonics may assist in removing these harmful toxins from the body.

Our colon typically maintains a healthy ration of 85% friendly bacteria to 15% unfriendly bacteria. Unfortunately many people have these percentages reversed.
When Candida overgrowth invades your intestines, your immune responses start to ignore it.  With too much Candida albicans in your colon you begin to develop an infection called Candidiasis, also known as a yeast infection. There are many different factors involved with a yeast infection, including diet, genetics and predispositions, and pH levels in your body. Although bowel irrigation is a giant step in the right direction, its effectiveness could be greatly increased when combined with changes in your environment, diet, lifestyle and daily supplements (such as a good probiotic). The word “Probiotic” simply means “for life”. “A live microbial food supplement, which beneficially affects the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance” A Probiotic may also be referred to as “friendly”, “beneficial” or “good” bacteria, as it acts to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria (which can cause digestive stress), improve digestion of food and absorption of vitamins and stimulate the body’s natural defense mechanism – the immune system. If you are considering colonics to battle a yeast infection, it’s important to educate yourself before making a commitment.

The most important thing to remember is that bowel cleansing is a natural and a generally safe practice. People of all ages cleanse their bowels regularly not only for Candida symptoms, but for many other reasons as well, including prevention of toxic buildup in the system. Toxins can lead to a host of problems and internal issues including halitosis, excessive weight gain or bloating, chronic headaches and migraines, internal gas and heartburn, digestive issues and skin rashes just to name a few.

It could be a good idea to consult your local colon therapist and schedule an initial appointment. One of the most important aspects of effective removal of the body’s toxins is your comfort level. Make sure you get all of the details necessary to make a wise decision about the therapy. You should fully understand what you need to do initially to prepare for the therapy, as well as the details of what happens during your session. You should also understand what to expect immediately after your session is completed and what to expect over the next few days and into the future. These intimate details can sometimes reduce or eliminate common fear, doubt, anxiety and nervousness from your mind.

Preferably, the colon therapist’s office should be close by, preferably within 30-40 miles, with ample parking including handicapped access. The environment inside the office should be one of peace and serenity. Your experience with this type of therapy weighs heavily on your surroundings, including the friendliness of the staff. You should be greeted with a smile and immediately feel comfortable in the environment they have created for you. Soft music in the background, luxurious wall décor and/or plant life will add great value to your experience. The facility should be clean, organized and professional, including the staff members themselves. These are all good signs that you have made the right choice for your health and wellness.

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