Colon cleansing (also known as colonic or colon therapy) is more popular today than ever before, however there are still many individuals with misconceptions about this natural cleansing process. Colonics may assist the body’s natural processes of cleansing built up toxins from our environment.

The concept behind colon cleansing is that, by reducing and/or removing harmful toxins that build up inside the colon, people will naturally become healthier and feel better. Toxic elements that the body absorbs from the environment build are normally excreted through the gastrointestinal system; however some toxins can remain and build up in the lower intestinal wall lining.

It has been reported that some can lose 3-5 pounds or more with just one colonic session. Many individuals have also reported feeling lighter and not so clogged or stopped up after just one or two treatments. Others say they feel refreshed and invigorated with new life and energy.

Some experts have reported that colon cleansing help to slow down the aging process to a certain extent as well, and after all, most people in the adult stages of life would like to look and feel younger. The reason behind this theory is that your body spends a great deal of energy attempting to remove harmful toxins. And since we all know that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it’s only practical that if your body could use this energy in some other fashion rather than eliminating toxins, you could potentially feel better, look better, enjoy a nice boost of energy and enhance your overall immune system.

Large amounts of toxins in the system may lead to frequent colds, allergies, yeast infections and weight gain just to name a few. For now, let’s focus our attention on how harmful bodily toxins could cause weight gain.

First off, debris that is created and accumulated from undigested foods can wreak havoc in our intestines. Once these materials begin to harden and stick to the inner walls of the bowels, they may begin to irritate, or even destroy the sensitive intestinal villi. These villi are responsible for helping to absorb nutrients into the body, but if they are covered in muck, then it is very difficult for them to do their job efficiently.

When these nutrient receptors are blocked, the brain will naturally receive signals that you are still hungry, which can lead to overeating. Obviously overeating is a major cause of becoming overweight or even obese. And unfortunately the more we overeat, the bigger the risk of a potential blockage in the intestinal tract.

Not only do many of the foods we consume cause toxic buildup in the colon, but also the environment we live in. If you happen to live in a major city like Atlanta, Georgia where pollution levels are extremely high in the environment, there is an even bigger chance that you could experience toxic buildup within the body.

As stated previously, colon cleansing can make a big difference with just one or two initial treatments. If you are considering trying this amazing procedure, be sure to do your research before choosing a practice that’s right for you. It’s important to be greeted with a friendly staff, a clean and professional environment and latest technologies and tools.

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