Before and After Colonic Sessions


Most people are a little uneasy before their first colonic, which is perfectly normal. To increase the benefits of your first session we recommend you do a few simple things:

  • Twenty four hours prior to your session and/or during consecutive colonic sessions, try to avoid gas producing, processed, refined and fast foods.
  • Eat lightly two hours before your session (steamed vegetables, soups and fruit)
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your colon hydrated
  • Abstain from consuming the following: wine, beer, hard liquor, ice cream, fried and high fat foods, salty or smoked foods, carbonated drinks, highly refined grains and flour products, white sugar (stops the detoxification process), any foods that are difficult for you to digest, chewing gum (stomach continues to release enzymes for food digestion, so gum can create gas)


The hardest part is over, you’re here! While on the LIBBE table we recommend you do the following:

  • Relax and allow the water to gently flow in and out of your colon. This assists in hydration of your body and builds stronger peristalsis, the movement of wastes through body.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply filling your lower abdomen with air. Relax and concentrate on your breathing.
  • You are in control of your session at all times. If you need to discontinue your session simply turn off the water flow.
  • You may feel some discomforts during your session, such as cramps, mild nausea or chilliness. These are completely normal and are more prevalent in those who are very toxic. Water flow adjustments and aroma therapies are used to alleviate these symptoms. Remember to relax.
  • We store some of our emotions in our guts and you could experience them during the cleansing process. Relax and release these repressed thoughts and feelings.
  • We have found allowing your colon to slowly fill with water and retaining that water as long you can before you release enables greater hydration, softening waste material for better elimination. Did we mention to relax?

20 Proven Ways to Relax

By the end of the 45 minute session, most of our clients express feeling like they’ve received an internal bath; cleansed and light. Some clients describe increased energy, clarity and a sense of well being. Other clients express feeling fatigued or nauseated. This is because during the colonic you stir up toxins in the body and even though these symptoms may be uncomfortable it means the cleanse has gone well. The more you cleanse toxins from the body the less these symptoms become. This is why ACM highly suggests when you begin your cleansing program that you do two colonics within 48 hours or what we refer to as back to back.

What to Eat:

Some use the colonic series to launch a fast, most use colonics to begin acleansing program, one that is continuous, often combined with a “change of lifestyle” program. ACM believes in good nutrition, as in “the closer to nature one stays on the food chain the better it is.” This means cutting back, or better still, eliminating refined foods like white sugar, flour, milk, chemicals, additives and preservatives. Avoid eating heavy meats for at least three days. After a colonic session, especially those done in succession, which is recommended, we prefer you eat and/or drink the following:

  • Steamed/Pureed Vegetables
  • Fruit or Vegetable Juices
  • Broth Style Soups
  • Bottled Water
  • Herbal Teas

The Importance of Water:

With two thirds of the earth’s surface covered by water and the human body consisting of 75 percent of it, it is evidently clear that water is one of the prime elements responsible for life on earth. Hydration is an enormous factor in intestinal and immune health. We encourage our clients to drink plenty of water each day. The quantity is different for each person. The rule of thumb is to divide your body weight by 2 and drink that many ounces of water a day. Many diet drinks contain harmful toxins and we suggest herbal teas and raw juices instead. Water keeps us functioning, serves as a lubricant, forms the base for saliva, regulates our body temperature, forms the fluids surrounding our joints, helps alleviate constipation and regulates our metabolism. Water circulates through the land just as it does through the human body, transporting, dissolving, and replenishing nutrients and organic matter, while carrying away waste material.

Probiotics and Flora

As you cleanse, both good and bad bacteria are removed. It is important to replace your intestinal flora with Probiotics. They are the natural good bacterial inhabitants of the GI tract that will help maintain your gut wall and immune system. Many people do not realize antibiotics eliminate the good and the bad flora as well, and many of us have a history of antibiotic use. We offer top of the line Probiotics for purchase at Atlanta Colonic and Massage Center, or you may take one of your choice, but we strongly encourage you to do this each day especially when participating in colonics.


It is believed that cleansing your colon washes electrolytes from your system and you should make sure these minerals and trace elements are replaced. ACM provides electrolytes for you to take after a colonic and/or infrared session. We have found Emergen-C and Electro-Mix work best for balancing out the important elements that help us function.

When Will I Eliminate Next?

Some eliminate later in the day, but most do not eliminate again until the next day or a couple of days later. The majority of us do not have sufficient peristalsis, or the natural expansion and contraction of the gut muscles. Colon hydrotherapy helps to stimulate and train peristaltic action so that you eliminate after every meal. The digestive system works with gravity. One meal pushes the next one around and eventually you eliminate again. Sluggish peristalsis backs up the colon and causes it to become a storage tank rather than a pulsating muscle system working efficiently.

How Many Colonics Should I Receive?

Most people begin with a series of 6-12 colonics taken weekly depending on their condition. Some need to do 2-3 colonics a week initially to clear their system, or to break up a bound condition. Most first timers participate in a 12 week program consisting of 12 colonics. To sustain a healthy colon we suggest a maintenance program, generally one or two colonics a month along with healthy eating habits. All of our bodies and body systems are different and ACM can help you plan out a program that addresses your individual needs.

Congratulations on your first colonic session!
Thank you for intrusting us with your health and wellbeing.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call or e-mail us at

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