By: Brenda R. Generali, C.N.C.

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again that it’s important to cleanse your bowel of toxins, parasites, old undigested foods, and ultimately the mucus rope that lines it. Most people don’t think about the fact that we eat 3 meals a day and only have 1 bowel movement a day. Most people think 1 bowel movement per day is adequate elimination and some people even believe that less than 1 bowel movement per day is still natural for “their body”. If you eat 3 meals per day you should be eliminating from your bowel 3 times a day. Ultimately it should only take 17&1/2 hours from the time you eat a meal to the time you eliminate it. If you’re only eliminating 1 time per day then that transit time is reduced considerably and you are at risk of “autointoxification”.

What’s Autointoxification?

Autointoxification is a term we use that means “you make yourself sick” by reabsorbing the toxic water from your bowel back into your bloodstream. If you don’t drink enough water (which most people don’t) then you run the risk of reabsorbing water from the bowel into the bloodstream. With the water can go toxins and this can cause toxicity throughout the body. If you only have 1 bowel movement per day then the material can be building up in the bowel.

What are Some of the Reasons?

  • The first reason autointoxification can occur is lack of water. If you’re thirsty then you’re already dehydrated. So drink lots of fresh clean water. And I mean water. Soda’s, coffee, tea, and other sorts of drinks you can purchase are not the same as water. They are treated as foods by the body. Water is one of the best purifiers for the body and a necessary ingredient for life.
  • The second reason is lack of exercise. If you don’t move, neither will your bowel. So move everyday. Walk 1 hour every day and see how much more energy you will have and how much better your bowel will move.
  • Third is too much junk food and not enough fiber. Eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and minimize white flour and white sugar products.
  • And the last reason is because you simply have a “dirty bowel”. This happens to all of us.

What about Herbs and Digestive Aids?

Marshmallow and Pepsin helps break down proteins and clears the small intestines of mucous matter. The small intestines is the first place you begin to break down and absorb foods after starches in the mouth. You have tiny villi in the small intestines that absorb nutrients and take them into the liver to break them down and render noxious chemicals harmless. If you have a large amount of old material in the bowel because you’re not eliminating properly then you can assume you have what we call a “mucus rope” lining the bowel as well. This can prohibit nutrients from being absorbed properly. And remember, we are what we assimilate, not what we eat. Just because you eat something good for you doesn’t mean you will assimilate and absorb it. If your villi are covered up and not functioning properly, you may not absorb the beneficial nutrients that you need.

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