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Assistant Manager


Assistant Manager

When I first discovered Atlanta Colonic & Massage, I was amazed.

My wish now is to help people naturally restore their health and well-being…

How it all started……..
Aug 9, 2018 with an email I wrote to Teresa, the owner of ACM, after my first visit……..
Hi Teresa!
I want to tell you about my experience at your Spa. I was on a research mission to find
out whatever information that I could about the life of a Colon Hydrotherapist. Because
I have not been successful finding much information online, I decided to go to a colonic
center to either talk with a Colon Hydrotherapist or someone who could answer my
many questions.
It surprised me that you were located in a corporate office BUT when I walked in, there
were angels singing! I no longer felt that I was in an office but in the center of complete
peace and tranquility. My mind was immediately calmed with the amazing scents of
essential oils, the lights made me feel relaxed and soft music fit perfectly with the entire
experience. I was so impressed with how you were able to create this feeling in an
office building. I stood there and soaked in every minute!
I first spoke with Amanda about becoming a Colon Therapist and she immediately
asked me if I was interested in speaking with a professional. Before I knew it, I was
speaking to Heather. Hearing her speak about Karla Magruder, a colonic instructor,
was a huge confirmation! It felt so reassuring that I was heading in the right direction.
The next training is in October. I think that I’m definitely going to go for this certification!
I am looking for a full-time job in a spa/center very much like yours. I would like to work
and transition into becoming a colon Hydrotherapist with a wellness center like ACM. If
you know of such a place; I’d be thrilled if you would refer me. I’m so glad that I
dropped by your spa and hope to be back real soon!
Thank you so much for what you have created for your clients! It truly is a sanctuary!
November 2018 I was working as a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist at Atlanta
Colonic and Massage!!
Digestive health became important to me as a young Mom of 3 children in 2009. I was
introduced to fermented foods and later the art of actually preparing these incredible
super foods for my family. The health benefits were so undeniable that I had to spread
the word by telling everyone I knew about fermented foods. I taught several classes on
how easy it was to create and prepare these nourishing foods. As I researched
digestive health, I came across Colon Hydrotherapy and became absolutely intrigued.
Everything that I had learned about ph levels, how friendly bacteria enhances
digestibility and increases vitamin levels made complete sense. All of this had laid the
groundwork for Colon Hydrotherapy for me. After thoroughly researching Colon

Hydrotherapy, I knew that I wanted to make a career of educating others about the
great benefits of cleansing. I love our clients and I love being a colon Hydrotherapist at
Atlanta Colonic & Massage and Ageless Beauty Spa. The staff and our clients have
truly become like extended family to me

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