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Gladys Atha

Account Manager

“Mom,” known as “Grandma”

I first discovered alternative health and wellness when my granddaughter was faced with severe Candida. Her mother, my daughter, went to every doctor and specialist to no avail. That is when I got into the field of alternative health.
I am 79 years old, in excellent health, and on no drugs! I attribute my good health to my regular use of Biometics liquid vitamins since 1993, as well as Infrared Saunas, bi-weekly colonics, alkaline water, and ionic footbaths. Since using these modalities, my previous arthritis has improved, along with my mobility.
After starting Biometics and these few services, I rarely remember a time being sick and only visit my doctor for routine checkups.
I’m very excited to be back in the work force helping my daughter and granddaughter in this wonderful new endeavor, Atlanta Colonic & Massage. My wish is to help people naturally restore their health and well-being.
10+ years later (2020)
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes. 10+ years ago I help launch Atlanta Colonic & Massage with my daughter and granddaughter. I will be 90 years old in July and I’m still working at Atlanta Colonic & Massage and Ageless Beauty Spa helping run the business. I have fond memories of all the clients I have met over the years and acquired a “big head” from all the wonderful compliments given to me concerning my youthful appearance and my get-up-and-go. Working here has most definitely kept me young living a life in service of others. I am still without medication and enjoying every day. I often tell our clients, “every day above ground is a good day!”
I have been on Biometics, liquid vitamins, since 1993. I was recently introduced to cutting-edge DNA based nutrition. I am looking forward to the benefits of taking supplements that are meant just for my body. It takes the guessing game out of which supplements are best for me. Not to mention the money I will save and the cabinet room I will gain after all my bottles of supplements are taken down to one bottle.
Atlanta Colonic & Massage and Ageless Beauty Spa now offer your “one stop shop for inner and outer beauty!” You can spend the day with us cleansing in an infrared sauna, colonic and footbath, a relaxing therapeutic massage and/or acupuncture and finishing the day with a relaxing facial or HydraFacial.
I wake up every day with the purpose of helping my daughter, granddaughter and our caring staff to assist every client on their journey to wellness. I look forward to the coming year being in service of our existing clients and the new clients I will meet. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey to health and wellbeing. I am blessed to be a part of “restoring the lost art of cleansing!”.

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